Welcome at Skinchakra® Weiden!

We're a young but experienced team in cosmetic concept and formulation development. With the increasing demand for out-of-the-box, natural and organic cosmetics and with the increasing success and market share of artisan and indie cosmetic companies we made it our mission to provide artisan manufacturers with the best quality cosmetic specialty ingredients in small scale and required know-how, to demystify non-scientific and fear-mongering based myths around cosmetic ingredients and to help passionate soap and skin care crafters buliding up and improving their dream business.

If you're already a manufacturer or a student of organic cosmetics you are certainly familiar with the difficulties of supplying your desired material in good and reliable quality in small scales.
Manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic ingredients don't want to hear from you if you're not ordering in 25 kg bags and drums (for some ingredients even 200 kg) and those who retail the ingredients in small quantities most often don't know what they're really selling and can not provide you with the necessary and required information about application method, dosage and legal considerations. This is our main mission to provide our customers with both knowledge and best quality ingredients in small scale to help you achieving your goal of making excellent and amazing cosmetic products.

As we started with Giga (and SkinChakra) we've only supplied customers in Germany. Now we're providing customers all around the world, from Singapore to Canada with cosmetic ingredients and updated, research based knowledge.