Our Team

Dr. (rer.Nat.) Elham Eghbali
CSO (Chief Saponifying Officer) and CEO
Elham is a passionate cosmetic chemist with about 20 years experience in cosmetic formulation and concept development. She has been working with and consulting manufacturers of finished products as well as cosmetics raw material providing them with concept and formulations.

At SkinChakra, she develops concept, formulations and test methods mainly for organic and natural cosmetics and provides artisan manufacturers with know-how, concept, test methods and A-Z of natural cosmetic business as well as cosmetic specialty ingredients in small scale.

She is an associate tutor by Formula Botanica, the world class accredited and biggest online school for organic cosmetic business and she is the co-founder of Green Alchemy where she offers formulation and business development consulting to indie organic cosmetic business.

Swetlana Dodonow
A cosmetic therapist and foot care specialits with passion for cosmetic formulation. Swetlana has been accompanying SkinChakra from the very first day and is the Jack-for-all-trades at SkinChakra. She is the shy person behind every single daily affair from organizing orders, making tests and preparing formulations.